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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

Time:3:17 pm.
Mood: bored.
ok well grr i hate updating but here i go...(happy michelle? lol jk)

saturday went to stone river pool with michelle and then ashley ayers was there. there was a end of the summer ice cream sundae thing. it was fun. the dj, jared, played all of our requested songs lol. we did the cha cha slide and the ymca and more..ah i love ice cream. and zack and pat were being so crazy. we like crazy :) lol.

then sunday me, michelle, chelsea, melissa, matthew, and michelle's mom went to Kings Dominion. It was so much fun. We didnt get to ride some of the rides we wanted to but it was still gravy...

If you wanna know the insiders go to michelle's journal : www.livejournal.com/users/_tinkerbell08_/

monday was boring...talked to michelle, logan, allie, rheannan, lindsay, and alyssa i think. boring day....

today wasnt any different. i was so bored. i need something to do. i need to make plans with ppl. Michelle we have to make a Koolaid stand haha i need money. So hopefully michelle and I and anyone else who wants to come will go see Napoleon Dynamite maybe Friday or Saturday...dunno.

well...thats all. tonite im going with my mom and 2 of my sisters to go pick up Kris at the airport at like midnight.. ughh i dont really feel like being up all night. but whatever..

leave some comments..

<3 maryssa

Having a bad last week of summer...
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Saturday, August 28th, 2004

Subject:i was bored
Time:6:00 pm.
Mood: giggly.

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Friday, August 27th, 2004

Time:4:57 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
1: honors english: hornung
2: biology: Upshaw
3: honors spanish 3: Jones
4: PE: Austin
LUNCH (i think its 2nd)
5: world history: Shoemake
6: adv. geometry: Hayes
7: drama 2: Wehrle

Wohoo!!!!!!! SOO happy i finally got my schedule!

well tell me if u have any of my classes...

<33 maryssa
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Thursday, August 26th, 2004

Time:3:56 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
well i'm updating..i will start TRYING to update everyday..(like thats gonna happen)

well...today Lauren K. came and picked me up and we went to practice at 930. first we practiced "whats yo flava" dance a couple times..then try-outs. i went first with ashley. i have no clue if i did the double. i know i hopped the second time haha. well then the rest of the team went.. only 12 girls made it! ah...me, chelsea, michelle, allie, becca, lauren k, ashley, erin, miranda and more ppl who i cant remember were in it..woohoo. so then we did formations and dum dum dummmmmm..CHANGED THE DOUBLE TO A SINGLE! yessssssssssss! i was soo happy..haha bc i KNOW i wouldve fallen in the gym..like i did yesterday in practice. haha. well we did pictures and had this WEIRD PIRATE taking our pictures. he was like being really weird and touching our coach *(not sexual)* but it was weird..haha. then he touched me!! he was dirty!! he moved me over. gahh then individuals...and all that. ARGG we were practicing really hard so we could go get PIZZA. we got in the commons and it was all gone...*tears were shed* well i got a diet coke. yum.. and then i got cookies and chips outta the vending machine yummm again. ah then (o by the way today was the freshman flight school at BP) we went in the gym for the pep rally. much fun! (i was so nervous) we did the fight song. varsity performed. cheerleaders did some cheer. then JV went. man i was NeerrVVVoouuSS!! ahh but i think we did great! haha i did my diagnol the wrong way tho...:( but so ddid erin so it looked like it was supposed to be there!! haha..um we did the fight song again and this time i made michelle do it!! mwahaha. then we left. haha michelle forgot she was tkaing me home! i felt unloved...:( o i met Kelsie (one of michelle's friends) she's cool and nice..hope me and her can become friends.. umm now im online talking to michelle and i was kinda talking to chelsea but not right now...me and michelle jss cleared some stuff up. GOOD! l0l. im in a good mood.

Jenna's bday is today!! finished wrapping her gifts a lil bit ago. gonna have cake and stuff tonite! wow her double digits!! aww. haha. man michelle WE ARE GOOD. us and our "taildater-ness" with melissa and jenna. ahha..

well i think that i suceeded with my updating today..this is a long entry. uhmm i dont really know what else to talk about..OO me, michelle, and chelsea (and michelle's mom and sister and sister's friend) are gong to King's Dominion Sunday!! woop woop! excited..we are trying to find a 4th person (we were simon, randy and paula yesterday at practice. i was simon but i traded with michelle to be randy ahah) now i think we are going to take the risk and not get a fourth person..i dk..O and saturday im going to the PatZach POol with michelle and her family for a end of the summer neighborhood Ice cream partay! woohoo that should be fun..PAT AND ZACH SHALL BE ATTENDING!! yeay! ahah..

ok well i am going to go now..leave some comments so i feel loved!!

woots for dance team

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Tuesday, August 24th, 2004

Time:12:11 pm.
go join the community purfect_10 and fill out the application!!! :DD

<3 maryssa
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Monday, August 16th, 2004

Time:8:08 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
hmm it's been a while since i updated...

today was fun..went to dance practice from 10-1 nothing big happened there. O ofund out more about going to VA beach wednesday! i'm soo excited!! we're going to a dance class called MASTER'S CLASS...cus we are masters!! yea..haha. and then we are going to the beach and then we are eating at a restaurant on the boardwalk..how COOL.. so yea after practice meesh keesh (michelle)'s mom drove me, chelsea, and lauren to the pool where we were soon gonna partay like it was 1982..haha it was soo cutely decorated!! all beachy and stuff..hah. so yea we were the first ones there woohoo and we walked around a bit and then changed into our swimsuits and swam and ate and went on a scavenger hunt and then got some presents and then ate cake. ZACK WAS THERE!! hahahahah he's the hott sexy lifeguard of the patzac pool. Pat wasn't there **TEAR** haha..man zac is weird..but funny and i like weird. he was like dancing and all this kinda stuff...yea but still SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo hott haha..me and michelle shared him today bc pat wasnt there. what a great friend l0l... ok here are the insiders **CHELS AND MEESH: tell me if i forget some (which i kno i will)**

* me: here michelle look at my cool new lip gloss
michelle: is that a penguin? o no it's a christmas tree..
me: umm NOO it's a black and white fish..
michelle laughing
me: why would you decorate a tree black and white? who puts black on a christmas tree??
* me stealing the starfish and bird from stacie and hiding it in the scavenger hunt. i was soo cool... OO and then i broke the corner of the starfish..and i was soo scared to touch it it was gross...
* me: is that a crow??
michelle: noo its a penguin!
*me, michelle, and chelsea singing to jimmy fallon
* singing as we ate our KICKERS
* (kickers) chelsea: why would they buy dominos kickers and then not get any pizza???
* learning wuts yo flava with ashley
* me and michelle talking REALLY weird in the pool.
* me and chelsea with our lipstick wars...haha
* then we and michelle with the icing war..man i'm good at starting wars...
* me chelsea and michelle looking cool with chocolate all over our faces..haha..
* COOFERS!!! (chocolate on our faces +ers)
* Chelsea joining the BAB club...hmm we still need a name for her...
* me and chelsea in the middle pf the parking lot on michelle's cell phone
* erin and michelle and chelsea trying to push me in the pool
*when we played the unravel the tissue paper and get a prize we always got cheap candy while everyone else was getting toe rings and stuff...
* zac dancing out by the pool and then at the door and then him in the girl's bathroom.
* zac giving michelle the plate and then he was talking really weird...was his mouth full??? i dont remember haha...
**added thanks to meesh keesh:: michelle dropped her SOCK in the toilet!!! haha and then i put it in her towel and she was like eewww NOO it's been in there (toilet).. and i said the water's clean and she was like PEOPLE HAVE POOPED IN THERE! hahahah!!

Insiders from on the phone with michelle last night:
*me:i'm soo tan ppl think i'm latina.. i'm selena
meesh: haha selena the latina
me: haha new nickname!! we need one for you..hmmm hey did you notice that we don't have any latinas on the team??
Meesh: now we do!!
* us not being able to say the word Ethnicity or whatever..ethnic...haha.

hmm i think that's all...i dont know...i'll probably think of more later...

well practice tomorrow 2-6..I need a ride to practice. ahh i always feel bad ashking ppl for rides...i feel like i do it all the time...sorry guys both my parents are at work in DC so i only have my sister that works too...:DDDD l0l..ok..

well comment and make me feel LUVED!!

<3 selena the latina (aka maryssa)
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Thursday, August 5th, 2004

Subject:This is the comment to michelle in her journal but for some reason it wouldnt let me post. :D
Time:7:56 pm.
OOOOOOOOOO SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha he wants to vacuum!!! you know it..... if pat was there he would've been like "where's you sister's HOTT SEXY LOOOSCIOUS friend??" you KNOW that's what he would've said....hahahah we need to double date HAAHA they better be there at the pool partay for dance...or i will have tears in my eyes...MANY. tomorrow i'm going to a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG water park that is like OVer 100 acres or something...YEY!! OOO and i kinda have a tan. but on the plane today i was pealing on my face and i wanted to cry bc there was a hott guy in the back...tear. haha but of course i looked good...ahahah JK JK JK i'm NOTT cocky hahaha...weow this is a long COMMENT.. you OWE me big time and for some reason i keep putting stuff in CAPS BUT I DONT KNOW WHY... ahah you better reply to this bc that is what is expected from you...hehe.. well my mom needs on the computer and then i shall reply to allie's comment that she left on my journal :d thank you allie i feel loved COUGH STALKER SOUGH....hehe

ok well bye bye bye bye to the bye bye....


ShaZZle ShaWTy
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Saturday, July 31st, 2004

Subject:aye yi yi i'm bored
Time:9:18 pm.
Personal Information
First Name//:Maryssa
Nickname(s)//:ryzzo, merrrc, cymon, shazzle shawty
Hair Color//:brown
Hair Style//:umm short/med. i guess w/ layers
Eye Color//:blue-grey
What is your favorite
Song//:"she will be loved" Maroon 5
Music Video//:hmm prolly "she will be loved"
Animal//:monkey or dolphin
Movie//:The Village
Food//:french fries
Best//:i dont really have one right now
Coolest//:they're all cool or they wouldnt be my friend duhhh
Stupidest//:none of course
Most Intelligent//:sarah
Boy(Girl)friend//:nobody *tear*
Are you in love right now//:nope
Do you have a crush//:nah
Do you have a stalker//:i might.....*dun dun dun*
Do you miss someone right now//:my mom but i get to see her tomorrow :)
What do you do
At school//:daydream
At home//:chillax
Outside//:hang with the homies
When you first wake up//:hit the snooze button
What _____do you hate
Hair color//:bleach blonde
Tv show//:law and order
Clothing style//:gothic
Movie//:umm...i dk
Emotions Right Now
Are You Happy Right Now//:yea
Grumpy//:not really
Sick//:i thought i had a cold earlier but i'm all good now :D
Have you ever
Made your own religion//:nope but ive always wanted to
Written backwards//:yea
Written your own magazine//:nope
Drawn art//:yea
Got angry with a game//:yes!! haahh i'm very competitive
Played Lacrosse//:yea in PE 8th grade
Broken a bone//:nope
Dyed your hair//:highlights...
Put in contacts for no reason//:nope
Swam alone//:no i dont think so
Things that come to mind when you read...
Random Questions
Play Sports, if so, what ones//:dance
Have a lot of friends//:sure
Write good//:yea
Eat a lot//:oo yea man
Like the day Friday//:sure do
Like the month December//:oo yea cHrIsTmAs!
Do you(or are you)
(DY)Give good advice//:i think i do
(DY)Talk crap//:nope dont think soo haha
(DY)Play a lot of games//:yea
(DY)Wear hats//:not really
(DY)Like to be outside//:sometimes
(AY) Always mad//:nooo
(AY) Always happy//:yess
(AY) A good friend//:i think i am
This or that (Last questions)
Night or day//:day
Snow or Rain//:snow
Stars or the Moon//:stars
Ocean or Pool//:pool
Boat or Plane//:boat
Books or Magazines//:magazines
Yu-Gi-Oh Cards or Pokemon Cards//:pokemon yea!!
Blonde or Black Hair//:blonde
Green or Blue Eyes//:blue
Pants or Shorts//:pants
Pop or Rock//:pop
Punk or Emo//:emo
Tatoos or Piercings//:piercings
Necklace or Ring//:necklace
Clouds or No Clouds//:clouds
Art or Literature//:art
Jeans or Baggy Pants//:jeans
Singing or Dancing//:dancing
March or May//:may
Halloween or Christmas//:christmas
Coke or Pepsi//:pepsi
Hug or Kiss//:kiss

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Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Time:10:57 pm.
Mood: bored.
Tell me about yourself
What's your name?:Maryssa
How old are you?:14
Where are you from?:born in Anchorage, AK
When is your birthday?:01-20
What color hair?:Brown
What color eyes?:Blue/gray
What is you favorite
Food?:french fries
Animal?:dolphin or monkey
Drink?:mountain dew
Song?:"she will be loved" maroon 5
Band/Singer?:hmmm dashboard confessional or maroon 5
Movie?:moulin rouge
TV show?:hmm lots...anythin on MTV or VH1
Book?:umm idk
This or that
Night or day?:day
Black or white?:black
Chocolate or vanilla?:chocolate
Pepsi or Coke?:pepsi
TV or computer?:computer
Movies or DVD's?:dvd
Rock or rap?:both
Pop or punk?:both
Old or young?:young
Tall or short?:short
Big or small?:small
Have you ever tried to lick you elbow?:yea...didnt succeed tho :(
When was the last time you cried?:umm i dk i kinda cried when i yawned a minute ago l0l does that count?
Do you sing in the shower?:yes i do
Can you drive (legally)?:no
Do clowns scare you?:YES
Do you enjoy jello?:sometimes
What is the one thing that annoys you most?:hmm lots stuff
Do you laugh a lot?:yes i do
Do you consider yourself a funny person?:i think so
Who is a sexy mofo?:your mom
Does MTV suck?:nope
Does Avril Lavigne suck?:umm kinda
Do I suck?:umm of course not
Do you suck?:i dont think so
Have you ever chased a duck around in circles?:no but that sounds like fun haha
Are you tired of this?:nope...bored
What time is it?:10:56 pm
What day is it?:umm O saturday
Do you love me?:sure

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

Subject:ahh michelle and i's convo
Time:10:30 pm.
wake my dreams89 [10:03 PM]: thats as hawaiian as it gets
Luvealot143 [10:03 PM]: ooo
Luvealot143 [10:03 PM]: hehe
wake my dreams89 [10:03 PM]: what about you
Luvealot143 [10:03 PM]: i wanna get a grass skirt
Luvealot143 [10:03 PM]: :D
Luvealot143 [10:03 PM]: and be a loser
Luvealot143 [10:04 PM]: because i am a loser...and PROUD OF IT
Luvealot143 [10:04 PM]: l0l
wake my dreams89 [10:04 PM]: lol
wake my dreams89 [10:04 PM]: I FEEL YA
wake my dreams89 [10:04 PM]: for i am also in the loser category
Luvealot143 [10:04 PM]: 8-)
Luvealot143 [10:04 PM]: yey we are losers together
wake my dreams89 [10:04 PM]: indeed.
wake my dreams89 [10:04 PM]: hehe
wake my dreams89 [10:04 PM]: but we are what they call cool losers
Luvealot143 [10:04 PM]: yes we are
wake my dreams89 [10:05 PM]: f'sho my nazzle
Luvealot143 [10:05 PM]: *uber with 2 dots over the u* cool losers
wake my dreams89 [10:05 PM]: whooooooooooooooop
wake my dreams89 [10:05 PM]: ppl envy us
Luvealot143 [10:06 PM]: of course
wake my dreams89 [10:06 PM]: they wish they were as coo as us
Luvealot143 [10:06 PM]: o yea
wake my dreams89 [10:06 PM]: coo, is gangsta talk
Luvealot143 [10:06 PM]: o fa sho
wake my dreams89 [10:06 PM]: we are also gangsta apparently
wake my dreams89 [10:06 PM]: lol
Luvealot143 [10:06 PM]: oo very gansta
Luvealot143 [10:06 PM]: gansta coo
Luvealot143 [10:06 PM]: fashazzle my nazzle
wake my dreams89 [10:06 PM]: *ohhhhhhhhhhhhh*
wake my dreams89 [10:07 PM]: check out that coolness
Luvealot143 [10:07 PM]: o yea buddy
Luvealot143 [10:07 PM]: we have so much we should spread our coolness to the less fortunate "uncool" ppl out there
Luvealot143 [10:07 PM]: so much coolness*
wake my dreams89 [10:07 PM]: lol
wake my dreams89 [10:07 PM]: that would be nice of us
Luvealot143 [10:07 PM]: o yea
Luvealot143 [10:07 PM]: we are also nice
wake my dreams89 [10:07 PM]: hey, you, your uncool, you need us to help you out yo
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: fa shazzle!
wake my dreams89 [10:08 PM]: off the heezey!
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: they would be so grateful
wake my dreams89 [10:08 PM]: dunny why i said that
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: ahah
wake my dreams89 [10:08 PM]: it was gansta
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: fasheezy!
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: very gansta
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: o we're forgettin the g
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: gangsta
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: haha
wake my dreams89 [10:08 PM]: lol
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: we're gangstas that cant spell
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: what that called?
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: illiterate?
Luvealot143 [10:08 PM]: l0l
wake my dreams89 [10:09 PM]: lol
wake my dreams89 [10:09 PM]: sure
Luvealot143 [10:09 PM]: o ok
wake my dreams89 [10:09 PM]: haha
Luvealot143 [10:09 PM]: so we're nice illiterate gangsta cool losers
wake my dreams89 [10:09 PM]: fa'shaaaa
wake my dreams89 [10:09 PM]: haha the aaaaaaa gave it dramatic effect
Luvealot143 [10:09 PM]: aw yeay shortay
Luvealot143 [10:09 PM]: fa sho
wake my dreams89 [10:10 PM]: lil john: YEAYAH! OOOKAY!
Luvealot143 [10:10 PM]: even though ur taller then me
Luvealot143 [10:10 PM]: l0l
Luvealot143 [10:10 PM]: what does the term "shorty" mean?
wake my dreams89 [10:10 PM]: hmm
Luvealot143 [10:10 PM]: please teach me Masta Gangsta Michelle
wake my dreams89 [10:10 PM]: lol
wake my dreams89 [10:10 PM]: i shizzle-shall
Luvealot143 [10:10 PM]: hahahah
wake my dreams89 [10:10 PM]: oh-ho that was hot
wake my dreams89 [10:10 PM]: haha
Luvealot143 [10:11 PM]: that was off the heezey fa sheezy
wake my dreams89 [10:11 PM]: you know it boyyyyyyyyyyyyy (even tho ur a girl)
Luvealot143 [10:11 PM]: hahaha
wake my dreams89 [10:12 PM]: well, masta ganGsta michelles theory is that they were tired of the terms "homie" and "dude" and "buddy", so decided to use shorty, cuz tally doesnt sound right
wake my dreams89 [10:12 PM]: *bows* thank you thank you
Luvealot143 [10:12 PM]: o thank you so much for enlightening me with that
Luvealot143 [10:12 PM]: i feel so much more smaterer
wake my dreams89 [10:12 PM]: any-shizzle-time
Luvealot143 [10:13 PM]: fashazzle
Luvealot143 [10:13 PM]: shazzle!
wake my dreams89 [10:13 PM]: oh yo, you was smart all the nazzle time
Luvealot143 [10:13 PM]: fa sho
Luvealot143 [10:13 PM]: i kno
wake my dreams89 [10:13 PM]: you did skip first grade and all
wake my dreams89 [10:13 PM]: lol
Luvealot143 [10:13 PM]: yo i be rappin
wake my dreams89 [10:13 PM]: ohhhhhhh go homie goo
Luvealot143 [10:13 PM]: bust a beet
wake my dreams89 [10:13 PM]: wit yo bad self
Luvealot143 [10:13 PM]: i said dat wrong
Luvealot143 [10:13 PM]: fa sho
Luvealot143 [10:13 PM]: but it all good
Luvealot143 [10:14 PM]: i need a pimp name!
wake my dreams89 [10:14 PM]: ahh me too!
Luvealot143 [10:14 PM]: u be masta gangsta michelle!
Luvealot143 [10:14 PM]: or u want a new one?
Luvealot143 [10:14 PM]: l0l
wake my dreams89 [10:14 PM]: oh shizzle duh!
Luvealot143 [10:14 PM]: fa sho
wake my dreams89 [10:14 PM]: ok you can be..
wake my dreams89 [10:14 PM]: hmm
Luvealot143 [10:14 PM]: think hard my nazzle
wake my dreams89 [10:14 PM]: i is yizza yo
Luvealot143 [10:14 PM]: ehh
Luvealot143 [10:14 PM]: ?

Luvealot143 [10:14 PM]: oo ok
Luvealot143 [10:15 PM]: fa sho shooooty
wake my dreams89 [10:15 PM]: lol
Luvealot143 [10:15 PM]: thats an O not an OO
wake my dreams89 [10:15 PM]: haha
Luvealot143 [10:15 PM]: so whats my name guhh
wake my dreams89 [10:15 PM]: yowza this is hard
Luvealot143 [10:15 PM]: haha
wake my dreams89 [10:15 PM]: guhh?
wake my dreams89 [10:15 PM]: lol
Luvealot143 [10:16 PM]: ya pimp
wake my dreams89 [10:16 PM]: it'll come to me yo
Luvealot143 [10:16 PM]: think
wake my dreams89 [10:16 PM]: just not now..
Luvealot143 [10:16 PM]: think
wake my dreams89 [10:16 PM]: lol
Luvealot143 [10:16 PM]: think
Luvealot143 [10:16 PM]: think
wake my dreams89 [10:16 PM]: ahhhh the pressure!
Luvealot143 [10:16 PM]: i feel sad yo without my pimp name
wake my dreams89 [10:17 PM]: that aint be good
Luvealot143 [10:17 PM]: naww
Luvealot143 [10:17 PM]: i thought of one
Luvealot143 [10:17 PM]: but i'm too embarrassed to say
Luvealot143 [10:17 PM]: its stupid :(
wake my dreams89 [10:17 PM]: nono naww brotha we all homies hurr
Luvealot143 [10:17 PM]: ok...
Luvealot143 [10:17 PM]: shazzle shawty
wake my dreams89 [10:18 PM]: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats off the heezey
Luvealot143 [10:18 PM]: ya really think so>?
wake my dreams89 [10:18 PM]: yo, its pimpin
Luvealot143 [10:18 PM]: awww ya yo
Luvealot143 [10:18 PM]: its pimp dawg
wake my dreams89 [10:18 PM]: shazzle shawty
wake my dreams89 [10:18 PM]: masta gangsta michelle
wake my dreams89 [10:18 PM]: at yo service
Luvealot143 [10:19 PM]: fashazzle
Luvealot143 [10:19 PM]: man we are soo pimp yo
wake my dreams89 [10:20 PM]: its so obvious
Luvealot143 [10:20 PM]: i'm puttin like more than half this convo in my el jay
Luvealot143 [10:20 PM]: bc it is hilarious yo
wake my dreams89 [10:20 PM]: awesomeness!
wake my dreams89 [10:20 PM]: tis haha
wake my dreams89 [10:20 PM]: 2 white girls
wake my dreams89 [10:20 PM]: gettin jiggy
wake my dreams89 [10:20 PM]: lol
wake my dreams89 [10:20 PM]: with the gangstaness
Luvealot143 [10:20 PM]: na na na na na na na

we are soo pimp..l0l i love you michelle! M&M!!! l0l!!

leave some comments yo...

<3 maryssa
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Monday, June 28th, 2004

Subject:favorite song
Time:9:44 pm.

Hope dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption
Winding in and winding out
The shine of which has caught my eye

And roped me in
So mesmerizing, so hypnotizing
I am captivated

I am Vindicated
I am selfish
I am wrong
I am right
I swear I'm right
I swear I knew it all along

And I am flawed
But I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself

So clear
Like the diamond in your ring
Cut to mirror your intentions
Oversized and overwhelmed
The shine of which has caught my eye
And rendered me so isolated, so motivated
I am certain now that


So turn
Up the corners of your lips
Part them and feel my finger tips
Trace the moment, fall forever
Defense is paper thin
Just one touch and I'd be in
Too deep now to ever swim against the current
So let me slip away [3x]
So let me slip against the current
and let me slip away [4x]


Slight hope
It dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption...
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Time:9:27 pm.
Mood: giddy.
wow it's been forever since i updated last...crazy. but neways...today was an eventful day..kinda. I didnt wake up until noon and then i lollied around...i finished my laundry and then finished packing. I'm leaving for Texas tomorrow! i won't update for 2 weeks...i'm soo excited!! i get to see my whole family! yey. newho after packing i went online to show cassie the bathing suit i want from aeropostale. i was so excited bc today i got $40 from my mom in the mail to actually buy the bathing suit!! so me and ashleigh left when she got home from work. we went to woodbridge. first we dropped a movie off and hten we went to a used book store. We wanted to sell a BUNCH of books to them. we did..but no $. instead we got trade-credit. hmm so ya...then we went to China Wok and i ate a LOT of terriaki chicken..it wasnt that good but any chicken terriaki is yummy... so after that we went to aeropostale. i was soo excited to get the bathing suit that i have wanted forever! and ya wanna know what?? THERE WERE NO BTHING SUITS THERE! there were like 3 pieces that were all larges....i was sooo pissed!!!! so then we went to pacsun and then to gap and then 579 and i forget where else...grrr...so then i wanted to go to kohls but her ex-friend works there. but i begged and then we went! :D thanks ash! and i founda reallyy cute bathing suit that kinda looks like the one from aero. yey!! but ash's ex-friend (they havent talked in forever..there was a fight and whatnot) was the only cashier..so we were in his line and hten some other cashier was like i'll take u in this one..so she opened another casier thingy up...it was soo akward. they said a few words...but he looks DAMN HOTT! hahah....lol. well now i'm gonna go to bed or do something...i'm soo boreD! o and i'll try really hard to update a lot more when i get back from TEXAS!!! ehehh...

comment comment!!

O and some of yall dont know my s/n it's: Luvealot143
buti wont be online for a while..

well have fun!!


<33 maryssa
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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

Time:2:52 pm.

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004

Time:8:30 pm.
look at my layout??

isnt it awesome!!

thanks to achearishedkiss for doing it!!


<33 maryssa
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Time:1:55 pm.
go join angelcordylove!!!!!!!

it's my friend, serrrr's community that she made. only her and I are a part of it...so PLEASE join!!!

<333 maryssa
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Sunday, June 13th, 2004

Time:10:07 pm.
go to this community and join and do the application: hott_mamii

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Friday, June 11th, 2004

Time:2:52 pm.

click this..
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Sunday, June 6th, 2004

Time:12:24 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
pissed off at certain someones......
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Friday, May 28th, 2004

Time:6:55 pm.
Mood: bored.
wow its been a while since ive updated....

hmm..today we had a 1/2 day.

homeroom- talked to alyssa and we were all a little confused on what our homeroom teacher's name was. haha
1st- fire drill!! it was so great! lol
2nd- quiz ehhh....we get some more time on tuesday so yey!
3rd- sat on the bleachers and talked to morabito, sarah, and alyssa..fun stuff
4th- slept on the stage along with practically everyone in my class (which isnt a lot...like 15) i was soo tired
5th- watched The Core...its really good
6th- ehh had a quiz that i know i missed 2 on...yea and then we did Theme stuff...SOO happy we are done reading this book (:
7th- watched PORN. hahah it was Cleopatra and she was naked like most the time..we didnt see anything but always got REALLY close...hahaha it was so funny...Cleo and Caeser were making out. the next scene they have a newborn kid. we're like...hey isnt there something else that is supposed to happen in between that? haha

O yea and today was Senior Slave Day. its when the underclassmen buy seniors and force them to do/wear stuff...haha it was so funny!

hmm i want sarah to spend the nite tonite...i called her but she went to the store so i hope she calls me back. she better come over! lol jk...

well i'm going to jacqi's party tomorrow from 8pm- midnite...woohoo...

well leave some comments...


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Wednesday, May 19th, 2004

Time:7:34 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
my dad is a fucking asshole.
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